Ramona Mercado, Age 4

CIMG3370 Many years ago, I estimate about 25 years, my Grandma Margaret made me a doll.  Actually she has made me several over the years, but the one I am talking about is a very large doll, about the size of a four year old.  When I got the doll, I was reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary.  I named my doll after the character in the book.  Ramona went everywhere with me for quite a long time, and she lived in my room for even longer.

When I went off to college Ramona stayed with my mom and dad.  She moved from San Antonio, to Houston, to Austin, and finally to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania with them.  Now my folks are preparing to move to a new house near my dad’s office in Greencastle, PA.  Mom is going through the house packing everything up for the move.  She came across Ramona and a box full of stuff from my childhood.  She packed everything into a box and sent it to me.  She called on Monday and said, “You have a house guest arriving at the end of the week.”

Right on schedule the UPS man delivered the box, and I rescued Ramona.  She was pretty dirty, and her clothes were very out of date – drop waist dresses from the 80s haven’t come back, right?  But she was the same old girl I knew and loved.  I decided that she should have a make-over, but before we could begin, we had dinner plans!
photo(2) She went with Joey and me to visit the Serrins-Springfield family.  Asher was quite concerned about the burn on Ramona’s foot.  I caused the burn many years ago while trying to read in bed after I was supposed to be asleep.  I had a high intensity lamp, which I would bend over close to Ramona’s foot to make the lamp dimmer – you can imagine what happened next.  It left a perfectly round hole, with a scorch mark around the edge right on her right big toe.  Asher asked why I would stay up after I was supposed to be in bed, and Debra asked why he would stay up after he was supposed to be in bed.  Although he didn’t say it, I think the real answer is because that is what kids do!  I believe kids today have it a bit easier, since reading in bed can be done on electronic devices that will not burn your stuffed animals and dolls, but I digress.  Asher wanted to know if I was sad about burning her, and if it still hurt.  I assured him that, while I was quite sad, I did not dwell on it, rather, I had learned not to put the lamp near her foot so I wouldn’t burn her again.  Also, no, Ramona’s burn is not hurting her at all – sometimes we get hurt, and it leaves a mark, but after it heals, it no longer hurts.  Important life lessons…  it is nice to have an actual five year old around to remind your of such things.
CIMG3376 Time for a trip to the “Spa”, aka, my kitchen.  I mentioned to Joey that a facial for a four year old seems a bit silly, but if you have been four for twenty-five years, maybe you have earned it!  I used a recipe intended for cleaning upolstery from my Green up Your Clean Up book.  Mild soap, splash of vinegar, cold water, whisk until foamy, use a spatula to apply the foam (not the water) to the dirty areas, let sit, rub with a clean, dry cloth, and then use a cloth with only water on it to rinse. At first I wasn’t sure if it was working, but after she dried, she was, in fact, a lot cleaner!  You can see the foam, and the before and after shots below.
CIMG3382 After dinner and a workout, I took Ramona to Target. She was a HUGE hit at the store. One little girl, who was almost exactly the same size as Ramona, cried out, “Mama, mira, mira la muñeca!” Ramona rode in the basket while I did my shopping, and then we went over to the girls clothing section and picked out shoes, socks, shorts (knee length), and a t-shirt. I kept having this odd feeling that I was channeling my mother – I kept picking up clothes, and thinking, “too short, too mature, no print allowed (certainly not princess!) on the front of t-shirts.” A little freaky, but you all know I am two generations behind when it comes to clothing standards. Don’t even get me started on slips, or the lack there of in modern times!

Anyway, after we put her new outfit on, she looks completely refreshed, and ready for the 21st century, Ramona Forever!

5 comments to Ramona Mercado, Age 4

  • She looks great!! I can’t wait to see her again in person. Well done. You sure know how to treat a house guest!!

  • Debra

    She looks so totally awesome now! I love the new clothes and especially shoes.

  • Misty Hopper

    I can hardly wait to meet her!

  • Sujata

    I love Ramona. And Beezus. I’m glad you didn’t melt her in the oven like Ramona did to her doll Bendix (or was it Cheverolet?) on top of a birthday cake! That Ramona, went too far with playing the witch from Hansel and Gretel! Am i the only one who knows what I’m talking about?

  • Carolyn Mercado

    Hi Lisa—-Momma Mercado was telling me all about Miss Ramona and I had to come and see for myself. You did a wonderful job restoring her. I have a feeling we will be seeing her in a holiday outfit by the end of the year. Thrift stores are great places to find clothes for any occassion. Its a great way to go green.

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