Mighty Cones!

20090702-billy-eats-a-mighty-cone_0 Right after we got back from El Paso, Lee had a birthday. Billy and I went down to Hill Country Weavers to get her a present. Since I was on vacation, I slept late, and had not eaten breakfast or lunch when Billy came to pick me up to go shopping. We had fun in the yarn store, well, I did, and Billy worked on not killing me for taking so long. By the time we were done we had worked up an appetite!

Next to Hill Country Weavers is a vacant lot, and over the past couple of years, the lot has begun to fill with food vendors. Billy and I strolled along looking for one that looked good, and we found Mighty Cone. The mighty cone is an amazing invention. It is awesome food, like shrimp and avocado or pork and purple cabbage slaw wrapped in a tortilla and served in a paper cone. They also have very yummy french fries. It turns out that the folks over at Hudson’s on the Bend are responsible for the Mighty Cone. Check out the review from the Austin Chronicle – they explain how this amazing food came into existence.

We are hooked!  If you have never tried a Mighty Cone, I highly recommend you check it out!

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