Elanor trees a racoon

img_7012 Elanor loves to stare up at the sky.  Sometimes she chases and barks at things she sees as she looks kup.  Today she managed to spot a baby racoon.  Not only that, she cornered it up the telephone pole.  She was insanely proud of herself.  When we convinced her to come inside, she pranced around the house showing off.  The next time I let her out in the yard, she ran back over to sit and stare up at the racoon, who was still on the telephone pole!  Actually, she managed to keep it up there all day.  It was still on the telephone pole when we closed up the house tonight.  You can see Elanor’s initial victory over the wiley ‘coon in the picture.

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  • Debra

    Proving that the headline “Elanor Telephone Poles a Racoon” just doesn’t scan the same.

    Well done, Elanor!

    I once knew a family that had a dog with a large yard and the way they loved to tease the dog was to open the door and shout “Get the squirel, Pokey” (or whatever the dog’s name was. Well, after years of this Pokey caught a squirel (one can only assume the squirel was close to death before that because Pokey was not a fast dog) and here comes the entire family shouting “bad dog, Pokey! Bad Dog, Pokey!”

    So I say “Well done, Elanor!!!!”

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