Still down for the count

I have strep throat.  It is annoying and painful.  I can still talk, but my voice is coming and going… getting worse as the week goes on.

I had a dry cough on Friday evening, which turned into a scratchy throat late Friday night.  I drank some hot tea, used the neti pot, and took vitamin C.  All of which I have been doing for the last several weeks anyway.

Saturday I felt like death.  Joey and I had agreed to look after Misty and Bryan’s kids all day Saturday.  They came over early in the morning.  They were fantastic, and entertained themselves, which was great because I was really worried about making them sick, and I didn’t even know yet that I had strep!  I must have washed my hands two dozen times that morning.  Basically every time I was going to interact with the boys I washed my hands and face, and held my breath!  I was bummed because I had been looking forward to actually spending some time with them, but better safe, and a little bored than contaminated with strep throat!

Sunday I spent the entire day in bed, except for a brief trip to take Tim and Lisa to the airport.  That is another crappy thing about being sick, the last two days of my cousins’ visit I was stuck in bed!

Monday I finally went to the doctor.  I got a great doctor at the Austin Diagnostic Easy Care Clinic, Dr. Baade.  His exact words upon looking at my throat were, “girl, you have strep!”  The throat culture proved his theory correct, and he prescribed antibiotics.  I actually worked all day Monday, and that was a bad idea, because Tuesday I felt like death again.

Yesterday and today I have been good and stayed in bed and slept.  I am getting pretty bored, but I am beginning to feel better.  I was supposed to do a big training class in Dallas this weekend, but because of being sick my manager and I agreed that someone else should do it.  Actually the fear is that I won’t have a voice, and that is not an unreasonable fear, since I have a propensity to get laryngitis after something stressful happens to my throat.  I am really bummed out about it.  I was looking forward to conducting this training class.  I know it is the right decision, and is probably better for my health to not do it, but I am still pretty disappointed about it.

Anyway, that is the blow by blow account.  I am still down for the count, but I hope to be up and around again soon.  Thanks to everyone who has been sending be their prayers and good wishes.

Don’t forget to think of Joey too.  He has been desperately trying not to get strep from me, and is dealing with a very whiny wife for the last week.  Not to mention having to handle all the tasks that I had lined up for Saturday and Sunday, plus the usual household tasks this week!  He really has been super husband, which is not at all surprising, but does make me want to give him a big hug and kiss! Of course, that comes into conflict with the goal of not giving him strep throat…. sigh.

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  • Misty Hopper

    I hope you’re feeling better today. There is nothing wrong with slowing down your life to take care of yourself and get well. I find lying in bed knitting takes the boredom away.

    Hmmm, sounds kind of nice, maybe I could get sick too?


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