Looking after Boston and Lola

img_7811 Aaron and Sujata had to go to San Antonio for several days, and they asked us to look after their two dogs Boston and Lola (she was a show girl).

Boston is a basset/springer spaniel mix, about four years old.  Lola is a basset/rottweiler mix, about eight months old.  They are both very cute!  I love it when they sit or stand facing you, their paws look like they are in ballet first position.

img_7808 Lola, Elanor and Boston have been having a great time wrestling and playing in the backyard.  Four dogs all at once is a bit of chaos, and feeding time is quite a circus, but we happy to have them visit.  Katy is acting completely aloof, but I think she actually enjoys having more dogs to boss around!

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