Snow in Austin

My favorite weather man, Jim Spencer, informed us last night that there would be a big system moving through central Texas, and that we had a 90% chance of precipitation, and that it might be snow or sleet.

I was up early this morning, and it was cold and dry when I left the house.  By the time I got done at the gym it was raining.  I did a few errands, and while I was driving it started sleeting.

After I got home, and cleaned up, it began “snowing”.  It definitely was not sleet, but it also was not snow flake shaped.  Joey said it was raining snow cone ice, and that is a very accurate description of what it was.

Elanor and I went outside to investigate.  At first she was a little freaked out, not to mention cold!  But then she decided to follow her usual procedure for inspecting new things, and tried to catch some in her mouth.

Joey stood inside and took pictures and video.  The video is embedded below.  I will post the pictures later, once Joey gets them off the camera.

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  • Misty Hopper

    We got enough snow to build a Snow Opus on our back porch! You can see the picture on my FB page. He was cool. Ewan said as he melted the next day he looked more like Donald Duck.

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