Five states in nine hours

mom-at-her-office I previously posted about a crazy drive around Texas, during which we were in three cities in fourteen hours.  Well, this past weekend I completely topped that when I went to see my mom and dad!  I started in Raleigh, North Carolina at around six in the morning.  I flew to Baltimore, Maryland, where my mom and dad picked me up.  We drove through Maryland and Virginia on the way Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where my mom works.

I got to see Mom’s building, office, and classrooms.  We walked around Shepherstown, and had lunch in a nice tea shop.  I browsed through the shops on the main street before getting back in the car and driving toward Mom and Dad’s house.  We passed through Maryland again, and finally made it to Greencastle, Pennsylvania around 15:00 in the afternoon.  Five states in nine hours.

Dec, Jan, Feb 09-10 058 I had a great time getting to see Mom and Dad’s new place.  Dad showed me his projector and screen set-up.  We also checked out his amazing outdoor kitchen.  Dad grilled some fantastic steaks for dinner, and mom made sweet potatoes and sauteed spinach with leeks.  Yum!

The visit ended too soon, and I had to get back on a plane and head back to Raleigh for another week of work in North Carolina.

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