Elanor earns her keep

Joey has been working on recovering some files from an old iMac for a client. He also has several other machines in the house that he is working on for other clients. All the usual places for setting up a computer were occupied, so he put the iMac in the living room on the stone bench next to the fireplace. The mouse and keyboard were on the floor.

Look at that!

Elanor sticks pretty close to either Joey or me during the day, so naturally she followed Joey into the living room.  She was just chilling out on the floor next to Joey until she noticed the red light that flashed on the stone wall each time Joey picked up the optical mouse.  She decided that this iMac was her workstation.  She is very focused.  Perhaps with Elanor joining the family business, she will earn enough to offset the cost of her food…

Elanor at the computer
…or maybe not.

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