Early Birthday Present

CIMG1023 Joey and I both got original iPhones back in the fall of 2007.  At some point mine died, and I replaced it with a 3G.  Joey’s contract came up on his original phone, and he got a 3GS about a year ago.

With the most recent software update, my 3G phone began moving at a snails pace, and I was pretty frustrated with it.  Joey, thoughtful and insightful man that he is, got me a new iPhone 4 for my birthday.  I have been having a great time with my new toy, it performs so much better than the old one!  The photos of the Nicoise Salad were actually taken with the camera on my new iPhone.

This acquisition rounded out our collection of iPhone boxes.  Billy found a buyer for the 3G iPhones (he and Lee got new phones a few days before I did), and Joey took my old phone to sell it today.  Before handing it over, I had to have a photo of the whole set.

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