Katy’s Quinceanera

Today is Katy’s fifteenth birthday.  Katy’s adoption papers say that she was born in October 1995.  We never knew the exact date, but when I adopted her, I decided we would mark her birthday on 12 October.  Mainly because 12 October was my Grandma Hope’s birthday, so it seemed like an auspicious date.  Grandma Hope would have been 95 years old today.

We considered throwing a big party for Katy, but since her response to big parties is to run off to sleep in my office, we dropped that plan.  Two weeks ago we we bumped into Alexis, our friend who adopted Katy from the shelter, at Pho Saigon while we were there for lunch.  She was thrilled to hear that Katy was alive and well.  We agreed that we would get together so that we could catch up, and Alexis could see Katy.  What better day than Katy’s birthday?

Most of you know that Katy rarely sticks around longer than a few minutes when we have company.  She was extremely happy to see Alexis.  She wagged, and hung out, allowing herself to be petted and loved on for about an hour!  It was seriously awesome.  Of course, Joey and I got to catch up with Alexis, and tell stories about our time together at Canterbury, which was also fantastic.

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