Breakfast delayed and plumbing repaired

This morning Joey got up early and cleaned the kitchen.  He also prepped for making breakfast.  We had planned to have scrambled eggs with spinach and sausage yesterday morning, but the universe intervened.

Tuesday night while Joey was doing the dishes, we noticed a puddle of water near the sink.  Upon investigation, Joey discovered that the seal between the sink and the drain basket had failed.  It was fairly late, so Joey had to wait until the next morning to get the supplies he needed to finish the repair.  The fix was pretty inexpensive, thanks to the fact that Joey is extremely handy at home repairs!  Also, Joey got to use his Dremmel tool, and, if you know Joey at all, you know how he LOVES that.

That brings us to this morning, and our breakfast.  As I mentioned above, Joey prepped everything, but did not add the eggs.  I poured the eggs over spinach and sausage, intending to scramble them.  But the eggs looked so smooth and nice, and the edge firmed up quite nicely, and I decided to try something that I have never been successful at before: an omelette.

As I have seen Jacques Pépin do on television, I scraped around the edge of the pan and tipped the pan so that all the uncooked egg from the middle ran to the edges.  Then I left it alone for way longer than I am normally able to do.  Finally, I flipped up one edge, added cheese, and folded it over again!  As you can see from the picture, I managed to fold it up into a nice approximation of an omelette.  The next step was the most fun – we devoured the whole thing!

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