Chuy’s and a Pub Quiz

Joey and I had a big social afternoon and evening.  We started off joining Rachel, Debra, Asher, and Chiara at Chuy’s for a dinner and a lovely visit.  Asher was wearing the shirt I brought him from Japan, and Chiara was wearing a hat that I made for her.  I felt very special!

Joey, however, was the favored guest because he burned Chiara a new copy of They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABCs.  Years ago we took a copy of the original DVD so that we had a copy for the kids to watch at our house.  The original had since gotten lost, and Joey made a copy of our copy – bad with VHS tapes, but apparently totally fine for DVDs.  If you have kids, and you do not know the They Might Be Giants kids’ music, please check it out.  It is really fantastic without having much of the annoyance of typical kid music.

Later in the evening, we joined Aaron and Sujata and Walt and Jane at B.D. Riley’s for a pub quiz.  Today is Aaron and Sujata’s third anniversary, so we were celebrating.

B.D. Riley’s has their quiz every Wednesady.  There is no cost for playing, but of course you buy some beer and food, so the pub comes out OK.  We had a great time visiting with everyone, and playing the game.  We came in fifth amongst all the teams in the bar, and were only two off the money winning scores.  We all agreed that we would like to do the quiz again in the future.

We finished up the evening with a drink at the Driskill Hotel bar with Aaron and Sujata.  Congratulations to Aaron and Sujata on three years of wedded bliss!

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