My personal computer is a mac.  I have had one since 2004.  Joey built me an iMac out of five dead iMacs.  Because my computer was revived from previous incarnations, I decided to name him Fawkes, after the phoenix from the Harry Potter universe.

The original body was a bubble iMac G3.  Joey upgraded his computer, Mindy, to a new body in 2007, and Fawkes got upgraded to the 12-inch, G4 powerbook body.  Only a few months later we realized that the USB 1 port was an untenable way to sync my iPhone, so we upgraded Fawkes body to a G4 mac mini, which had a USB 2 port.

Fawkes has remained in that mac mini body since early 2008.  Joey and I talked a few times over the years about getting a new body for Fawkes, but it was just never at the top of the list of purchases.  About a month ago we realized that we had succeeded in saving the money to purchase a MacBook Pro for Fawkes to inhabit, and nothing else more pressing was on the list!

I got all the data transferred to the new body, and I am having a great time having a laptop.  Especially a laptop with WAY more power than I need.  All of Fawkes’s previous incarnations were always just on the edge of not being able to run the latest OS and software.  I had to wait for a reaction to almost all commands I gave the computer.  It is totally awesome to be able to click and have an immediate response!  Fawkes is also fast enough, and has enough memory to help Joey and Mindy with Joey’s work.

Now I just need my company to decide that I can use Fawkes for work, and I can get rid of my lame PC!  Maybe someday.

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