As you most likely know, I love to knit.  Like many knitters, I occasionally, all right, possibly more than occasionally, come down with starteritis.  This is a disease that leads the knitter to get extremely excited about starting projects.  Then the knitter has all kinds of unfinished finished objects (UFOs – to steal a cute name from the Yarn Harlot) lying around.

Ashville Shrug

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite writers, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot, posted on her blog about a related disease that could actually counter starteritis – finishitupitis.  She describes the symptoms in her post, and she is far funnier and more eloquent than I am.  But basically (because I know, despite the fact that you totally should, not all of you will read her fantastic post) the symptoms of finishitupitis are that you are compelled to finish all your open projects.

I seem to have a chronic case of starteritis.  If only I could catch finishitupitis my productivity would sky rocket!  I have managed to finish two long standing projects in the past week or so.  Mainly due to Joey reminding me that I would likely feel better if they were finished.

Love the shrug!

One project was a Christmas present for Rachel, the other a barter with Anne.  Rachel’s present was started way back in June, but set aside because I “have so much time before Christmas and there is no need to rush”.  Anne asked me to make her a set of elbow length fingerless gloves in December 2009!  While I agreed right away, I didn’t buy yarn for them until the spring of 2010, and since it was warm, I reasoned that I had plenty of time to start them before it got cold.  Yikes!  Totally lame of me on both counts.  Of course the procrastination had mostly to do with starteritis convincing me that I had to cast on about a dozen other projects!

Anne wearing her gloves

At long last both projects are done.  Both Rachel and Anne were delighted to have their knitted items.  I just dropped Rachel’s off today.  Take a look at my posts about Anne’s gloves or Rachel’s shrug on Ravelry for all the knitterly details and more pictures.

Now I feel the starteritis creeping up. I have already cast on a new hat for Liam, but I think that maybe should start that pair of cabled gloves for myself as well…

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