20090604I posted about KatyDog just after her fifteenth birthdayMadPriest posted a comment requesting pictures of the old lady.  That was right around the time that Etherlimits was taken off line, so I was not able to post the photos until now.

Many of you already know that KatyDog passed away in the very early morning on 28 November 2010.  She lived a wonderful long life.  She was fairly active and quite happy right up until the day she died.  Joey and I were with her when she passed.  She added so much to our lives over the thirteen years she was with us.  I cannot imagine our family without her.

20101022_2I gathered photos of KatyDog and put them in a set on Flickr.  Click here to take a look at all her adventures.

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  • Billy

    She was a sweet old lady and I sure do miss her. It’s been a little tough on all of us (and by ‘all of us’ I mean ‘all 6 billion people and all dogs, cats, guinea pigs and countless other miscellaneous creatures on Earth’) not having Katy in charge.

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