No, you cannot log into your own blog

Back in at the end of 2010 Joey did a bunch of work to get Etherlimits transferred to the latest version of WordPress.  The day he finished, I posted to share that news with the world.  I was so excited!  The update was done just in time for the new year, and I was thinking how awesome it was that I could start the new year with a blank page, so to speak.

Etherlimits had other ideas.  I could not log in.  I could visit the public side of Etherlimits, but when I went to the log in screen and entered my user name and password the screen would just refresh.  It did not even say that I had the wrong password, just blank out what I had entered and give me the blank log in screen again.

Joey worked on it for awhile.  He thought it might be Firefox.  He played with some of the code.  He changed my password.  During the time it was not working I even got a new computer (not because the blog wasn’t working, but that is another story), and I still could not log in!

Today Joey went on the war path to root out the bad code that was causing the problem.  As you can tell by the fact that I am posting, he was successful!  I am so happy to have my blog back and working!  Hopefully you will be hearing more from me now. No, for real this time.

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