Plumbing revisited

Joey fixed the drain basket of our kitchen sink a few days ago, as I mentioned in a previous post. A couple of days after that the faucet started leaking a little around its base when we turned the water on. Sunday that small leak turned into a spray, if the faucet was in just the wrong position.

Since I am in North Carolina this week, Joey decided to take the opportunity to fix the faucet. I love my husband! He worked really hard,and got it all fixed and put back together. When he turned the water on, the new seal he had put on the main faucet worked perfectly. However, at that very moment the gasket on the sprayer gave out, and Joey got soaking wet.

Joey took apart everything he had just finished putting together, and will have to go to the hardware store tomorrow for yet another part for our sink. It seems that six years and eight months is how long our sink had in it before needing serious repairs!

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  • [...] Plumbing antics continue Published on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by LisaDiane Our house was built in 1968. Young if you are a person, but old if you are plumbing. The plumbing in our house has been attempting to get our attention for more than a year now. Back in February 2011 Joey repaired the drain basket on our kitchen sink, and then almost immediately had to put in a new seal around the faucet. [...]

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