Seder Plate

Years ago Kathlyne and Ross invited Joey and me to celebrate the Passover Seder with them. I want to say it was the spring of 2000, but I could be wrong.

Celebrating Passover became a tradition. Joey and I would go up to Fort Worth, or Kat and Ross would come down to Austin. We invited others to join us over the years. Sujata, Troy, Christinne, Kay, Lindsay, Don, Misty, Brian, Robert, Laura, Jason, and probably some other folks I am forgetting joined us one year or another.

When Ross and Kat got married in January 2001, I found a beautiful crystal Seder plate. It was awesome. We used it for many years. Then, one sad day, the Seder plate was minding its own business on a shelf in Ross and Kat’s house, and a huge truck came down the street. The vibrations from the truck caused the plate to “walk” to the edge of the shelf, and then it crashed to the ground. This is how I recall the story, but I wasn’t there. Kat will have to correct me if I got anything wrong. We were all very sad, and I have looked and looked for another crystal plate like that one, but I have never seen anything like it!

Naturally we continued celebrating the Passover Seder without the plate. A white and gold china plate that Joey and I got as a wedding gift stood in as the Seder plate. If I am remembering correctly, the first year without the crystal Seder plate was the same year that Misty and Brian joined us for the Seder for the first time. Kat and I shared the story of the Seder plate (after all, Passover is about recounting stories, even if this one is a little off topic), and Misty was very sympathetic.

Fast forward a few years. Ross and Kat now live in Baltimore, and were not able to travel to Austin for Passover. Misty and Brian have continued to participate in our celebration.

Over the last few months, Misty has been talking about how much she would like to have a Seder plate made. She has a friend who is a potter, and Misty commissioned her to make the plate. While I knew of this plan, I was completely floored when Misty handed me a brown paper bag with a beautiful handmade Seder plate in it, and said it was a gift for me! I am very grateful to have my very own Passover Seder plate. I will keep a close watch out for a crystal plate for Kat and Ross, though!

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