Travel knitting

I had some time on my trip to North Carolina to do some knitting.  I had made great progress on Liam’s hat over the last week, and on the plane I got the body of the hat finished.  I am a little worried that it will be too small for Liam.  He has an 18 inch head.   My head is only three inches bigger than that, and I have 35 years on him!

I will try it on him when I get home.  I will keep it in any case.  If it doesn’t fit Liam, I am sure it will fit someone with a less giant head.

I also got a good start on a new pair of socks out of Jil Eaton Minnow Merino.  I like this yarn because it is superwash wool.  There have been a few shrinking incidents in our house lately, so it is good to have the risk of that reduced!Jil Eaton Minnow Merino I am generally not a fan of how superwash wool feels.  I like the grip that regular wool has, and superwash wool feels too slippery, but this stuff has a really good feel as I knit.

I got the yarn at Gauge Knits in Austin, and it turned up as part of the stash clean up that I did on Sunday.  That is one of the fun parts of going through your stash – you find cool yarn you had forgotten, and it is new all over again!

I did a picot top on this sock.  I am not sure if I like how it turned out, but I am going to go ahead and knit the leg, and then see how I feel about it.

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  • I knit some socks out of superwash and they shrunk a little bit so I handwash them now. But it wasn’t a one-time incident. It was over the course of several washings that they started feeling smaller.

    I love the hat!

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