10 Year Anniversary

2011 is the tenth year that I have been with my company. I started working as a temp for my current company in January 2001. I was hired on as a full time employee on 09 April 2001. So my official anniversary is in a couple more weeks, but my team celebrated a little early.

My friend Amy made a slide show with pictures of me, and quotes from my colleagues about me. My manager had flowers delivered, 10 irises, one for each year. The iris color is almost the same as my company’s logo color. My team sent a box of cupcakes – they even knew to order yellow cake with chocolate frosting. The cupcake delivery guy took a picture of Joey when he made the delivery!

Employees who reach ten years at my company can shop from a list of service award gifts. I ordered a purse – no big surprise there!

It is odd to think about having been at the company so long, especially when I thought I was just going on a temp job! I have had ten managers, nine desk locations (cube and office), and nine titles over the years. I have had the pleasure of working with some really wonderful people. I met people who started out as colleagues, and have come to be treasured friends. While I am sometimes frustrated with individual situations, overall, I am glad I found my company. I have developed many new skills, traveled the world, and found a career that I had never even imagined existed.

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  • Jenny Melton

    Wow! this brings a tear to my eye. I remember when you started in our department -we knew we had someone very special – Love you!

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