Arriving in North Carolina

I traveled to North Carolina from Baltimore today. I landed in Research Triangle Park, or RTP to those of us who frequent the area, which is between Raleigh and Durham, NC, at around noon. I met up with some colleagues from the RTP office and we went to Neomonde Baking Company Cafe for lunch. Neomonde’s is a favorite stop of mine. I really love middle eastern food, and these folks know how to do it right. After a yummy lunch, I spent a few hours working in the RTP office, and then drove down to Wilmington.

Amy with her new dining table

My friend and colleague, Amy, had told me that, of the nights I will be in town, tonight is the one that she is available.  Amy just got a new place overlooking the Cape Fear River, and we agreed to meet there.  We spent some time catching up, and I helped her put together her new dining table.  Following crazy, unclear directions in order to assemble furniture really worked up our appetite for some dinner!  We drove down to Kure Beach and had all we could eat shrimp.  It was a well deserved feast.

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