Mardi Gras at All Saints’

Six years ago our priest, Father Mike, began a tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras at All Saints’ on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Previously we had celebrated the day as Shrove Tuesday, and held a pancake supper to raise money for the Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) mission trip.

Father Mike is from Louisiana, and he explained to all of us, that there was a better way to celebrate! We have a parade. Families create floats, kids decorate their bicycles, people dress up with crazy hats, and everyone wears lots of beads. After the parade we go into the parish hall and have our pancake supper.

Three years ago Joey and Father Mike and a few other people began holding “Evangelism on the lawn” in the mid-afternoon on Mardi Gras.

They smoke or grill meat, drink beer, and pass out strings of beads with information about our Ash Wednesday services to anyone who walks past the church. Joey and Elanor have participated in all of the above each of the last three years.

Elanor plays with all the kids who show up.  She is very popular.  She hangs around the church lawn off leash all day.  Joey says she is extremely well behaved.  Then they put on her leash for the parade, which goes around the block.  They always come home completely exhausted, and covered in beads.

Somehow I am always teaching or out of town. I need to plan ahead better! When is Mardi Gras next year?

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