Automated muscle pump on right leg. Automated muscle pump on left leg. Automated BP cuff on left arm that sounds like a Donkey Kong machine. Red diode pulse ox sensor clothespined to my left index finger. Nellcore pulse ox sensor taped to my right ring finger. Peripheral cannula (IV heplock) on the back of my right hand (the infusion pump is quite talkative – beeps and lights). Bair Paws hospital gown with integrated climate control. Nasal cannula supplementing my O2.

Spent part of my day catheterized & on a ventilator after being filled with IV contrast, measured by a digital scale, and imaged by a laser guided talking magnet table.

Did I sign up for the space program? If so, is it enough that my blood went through the centrifuge, or do they have to send me?

Saint Laika protect us :-) 

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