SME Week

LisaDiane at Britts Donut Shop at Carolina Beach
My project at work has really picked up. We are working on figuring out what topics people will need to be trained on related to the new database that is being built. My team spent the week in Wilmington, NC, meeting with Subject Matter Experts. We had back to back meetings all week (organized beautifully by my team member, Jessica). We began calling it “SME Week”.

PPD building from the Wilmington Convention Center
We made a lot of progress, but all the work this week highlighted how much more there is to do between now and our go-live date, which will be toward the end of the year.

New board walk near Wilmington Convention Center
I did manage to have some fun while I was in Wilmington, though. Dinner with my team, and time with friends. We even made it down to Carolina Beach one evening. Amy insisted that we go to Britt’s Donuts, and as she promised, the donuts were delicious!

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