Exercise: 02 Feb – 16 Jul 2012 Recap

I have been on Weight Watchers since February 2012.  I have lost almost 25 pounds, which I am pretty excited about.  I want to lose roughly 25 more pounds.

My exercise regimen has been less consistent than I would have liked.  I was working out about 3 times per week during February and March.  I started hiking about 3 times per week with Laura and Elanor in March, and that has pretty much continued since, with the exception of times when I was out of town.

Two weeks before we left for our trip to Yellowstone, I added Body Pump and yoga to the hiking.  I did 11 workouts during those two weeks.  While we were gone, I got exercise hiking around the parks.

Last week I did yoga once, and hiked three times.  This week my goal is to add a couple of Body Pump classes to the mix.  I feel like two weight lifting workouts, two hikes, and two yoga sessions would be a perfect workout week.  I am planning to build toward that goal.

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