Retiring a teapot

Poor tea pot has fatal cracks  and must retire. So long faithful friend!
You may have heard that I like tea.  Love it.  Drink multiple pots of tea most days.  I buy my loose tea at the Tea Embassy here in Austin.  I actually travel with a small travel teapot and a selection of tea, so that I am never forced to drink bad tea.

At home I use a white, six-cup, Chatsford teapot.  It is wonderful.  I have had it for many years, approaching a decade, I think.  I keep it inside a tea cozy that I knit for it.  Because of the cozy, you cannot see the actual pot most of the time.  It is not the only teapot I have, but it is the one I use most frequently.  Today I had the sad realization that my fantastic, hard-working teapot has fatal cracks, and that tea is actually seeping out of these cracks.  So sad!

After a few moments of grief, I went online and ordered a new teapot. Exactly like the old one.  But before the new one arrives, I thought I would take a moment to mourn for the retiring teapot.  So long faithful friend, you will be missed!

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  • Dad

    Dear Lisa,
    This might seem like a lot of alliteration from anxious anchors of attribution, giving accredited applause for such an auspicious avent (willingly misspelled :). However, having consciously collected so many cups and containers of mirad colors and configurations, it seems consequentially critical to collaboratively confab with Joey in a seemingly capricious collaging of Tea Party components, turning what to others might appear a cluttered conglomeration into a consequential congeries of a very considerate cohort celebration; reflecting much character clout through your chronicled efforts, of which the Cheshire Cat would be most congratulatory! The Hatta would be Happa as well, I’m certain. ;-) oooops…..I’m curtains; no soft C’s for Me’s? Goodbye!

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