Bathroom remodel – January 2012

In my post about the kitchen sink upgrade, I mentioned the bathtub fail that happened in January.  I realized that I had not posted any photos of the work Joey did to fix the master bathroom and closet.

The pipe leading out of the bathtub, and the seal around the drain had rusted through, and water was leaking under the tub and into the wall between the bathroom and the closet.  Obviously the plumbing needed to be repaired.  However, there were a couple of related projects that arose because of the leak.  The closet carpet was soaked, and despite several days of running a fan, it became evident that ripping out the carpet was the only way to go.  Water had gotten under the disgusting linoleum, which, in all honesty, I had just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of, and it had to be replaced as well.

Back in 2007, Joey installed hard wood floors in the living room and front room, he also laid tile in the hallway and front bathroom.  The tile he used matched our kitchen tile.  Happily there was lots of extra tile, enough to cover the bathroom, vanity, and closet floor.

Once we realized we would have to rip out all the flooring, I suggested that “we” go ahead and paint the walls.  Joey agreed.  We spent several days painting pieces of dry wall in order to decide what color we liked.  Both of us were leaning toward a purple shade, but then we were watching Sherlock, and we saw a room on the show that was painted a light green-blue color.  We both pointed at the screen and said, “hey, what do you think about that color?”  After a few trial colors we found one we both liked, and then Joey painted the whole room.


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