São Paulo, Brazil – July 2004

IF Sujata and I travelled to Brazil to train the employees in our São Paulo office. Our training class was fantastic; the room was great, the view was beautiful, and the trainees were charming, lovely, and smart.

We did not have too much time for site seeing, but we did manage to eat at a churrascaria (yummy) and go shopping a couple of times.

Our shopping trips were very different from each other: the first was to Xtra Hipermercado, the Brazilian equivilant of Target, and the second was to Embu das Artes, an outdoor market located about forty minutes from the part of São Paulo in which we were staying.

We had a wonderful visit, even with our short amount of time. We had fun discovering the wonders of Brazil, including: all Brazilian women are fabulously gorgeous, the longer you stay in Brazil the ‘hotter’ you become, the influence of the Antarctic wind can definitely be felt in São Paulo in July, all Brazilian men are named Marcello, Brazilian food is to die for (Buffalo Mozzarella is a staple), and Portugese is a language worth conquering!