London – October 2004

Mark, Rick, Dave, and I spent most of October in London. I saw as much of the city as I could during the little free time I had (a couple of Sundays and a couple of evenings).

I went for a sight-seeing walk along the Thames from Big Ben to Tower Bridge, saw the London Eye (hard to miss), walked across the Millenium Bridge from Saint Paul’s to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theater, went to services at Westminster Abby, and enjoyed watching the street performers at Covent Garden.

Cambridge, England – June 2004


After our sojourn in London, we set down to work in Cambridge, but you would never know that from the photos!

London, England – June 2004

LisaDiane and Sujata at Tower Bridge Work required that I go to Cambridge, England for two weeks. I had never been to England before, so I decided to go early.

My co-workers: Sujata, Jeannie, Katie, and Quinn had the same idea.  We spent three days in London prior to beginning work in Cambridge.

We took in the sights, and lots of fish and chips (with a beer to wash it down). We had a fantastic time just being tourists!