That was in your back!

OK, I am in Florida again with my dad. He is having more of the laser surgeries for his back.


One of the procedures they did was remove hardware from an old fusion that was done on his L4, L5, and S1 vertebrae. When dad told me they would be extracting screws from his back, I thought, small screws. Like the kind they use to put glasses together! That was not at all the reality. The reality is so creepy I have to share it with you!

Upon seeing the picture, my co-worker joked that it was no wonder Dad was having back trouble if the package of kleenex was in his back. The keenex package is just in the picture for perspective, so you can see how HUGE the screws are!

Now, I hope you enjoy your lunch ;-)


My dad is having back surgery in Florida.  I drove to Houston, stopping at Dorie’s for a visit and some lunch.  We had a great time.  After a quick trip around the beltway, I made it to Hobby airport, which, by the way, has entirely too few signs.  From the parking lot to the terminal there was exactly one sign pointing the way, and it points the wrong way!  After finding the terminal, I flew from Houston Hobby to Tampa.

We got up early this morning and went to the Laser Spine Institute for dad’s procedure.  Our hotel is only a short walk from the institute, and we walked over.  Once he was checked in I came back over to the hotel to wait.  After just a couple of hours I went back to pick him up.  After resting up at the hotel we got some lunch, and picked up some groceries.

Back at the hotel we watched Wall-E.  Ross has been bugging me forever about not having seen it yet.  Of course, I have no real defence for that…  except that now I have watched it, and I really loved it.  Dad laughed really hard through the whole thing.

I will be here until Friday morning.  Dad has physical therapy tomorrow, and another procedure on Thursday.