More pictures from NY Trip – July 2010

5th and BroadwayJoey got all of his pictures from our trip to New York and Tanglewood uploaded to Flickr.

Lisa has also added more pictures to her NYC Staycation 2010 photo set on Flickr. Lisa’s pictures include some great photos of Laura singing at Tanglewood.

Tanglewood – Summer 2010

ldAndLauraAtTanglewood My sister, Laura, spent the summer at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, MA.  She was one of the handful of vocal fellows who were invited to participate in the festival.

During our time visiting Brooklyn, NY, Joey and I travelled with Lisa to Lenox, which is in the Berkshires.  Lisa commented that the trip to Tanglewood made our experience of New York City in the summer very authentic – extreme heat and humidity, several days of riding the subway and pounding the pavement, and then an escape to the much cooler country!

Tanglewood is an amazing place.  It has all kinds of musical artists: instramentalists, singers, composers, and conductors.  There are multiple venues and practice areas.  When we visited we were able to simply walk around the grounds and listen to the various rehearsals that were going on.  We got to hear Laura during her vocal coaching.  We also happened to be there on the right day to hear Yo-Yo Ma practicing with the orchestra.  Amazing!

hall We saw Laura sing a cycle of Cuban folk songs in a vocal recital.  She sang Luciano Berio’s Circles during the Festival of Contemporary Music.  We got to hear her practice this piece a little bit.  It is very modern and unusual, with bursts of vocalization.  She really got excited about performing something that was new and challenging.

Sadly we could not attend the performance, but she got rave reviews from the New York Times, which said, “And on Sunday Laura Mercado Wright, a mezzo-soprano, gave a stunningly agile account of Berio’s Circles, in which she occasionally played percussion (and provided gestural cues) as well.”  The Boston Musical Intelligencer, a virtual journal and blog of the classical music scene in Boston, also had good things to say, “Mercado-Wright may safely call this “her own” now with her masterful performance and the perfect voice for it: rich but not fat; a low range that speaks, and a high one that is graceful; and perfect diction for projecting words or sounds.”

As always I am so proud of all that Laura has accomplished.  I just cannot help bragging.

A Wedding, Our Nation, and The Frog

IF Our good friend Scott Howard was married to Emily Lovejoy on Saturday the Twenty First of February at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Scott had just come to serve at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer when he and Emily met (she drove Scott to the pot-luck dinner held to welcome him to the church).

Ever conscious of propriety, Scott attempted to conceal his attraction to Emily from Emily and the congregation for months (after-all, he is a priest and she was a member of the congregation). Of course, Emily, being the perfect match for Scott (and a member of his evaluation committee), attempted to conceal her attraction to Scott from Scott and the congregation for months.

The congregation thought the whole dance was hysterical and helped the couple plan their wedding.

Here some photos from the wedding and our trip to Woburn.

The day after the wedding, LD and I flew from Boston to Philadelphia. We spent the day with Ted and Becky sight-seeing in and around National Independence Historical Park. Then we drove back to their house in Chambersberg.

If you are ever playing tourist in Philadelphia, have lunch at the City Tavern – we did and it was excellent. Don’t forget to visit the Liberty Bell or take in some of the other sites around town. Just don’t miss the City Tavern.

Laura met us in Chambersburg and the next day we drove with her to her apartment in College Park, Maryland. We spent the night with Laura. The next day she invited us to join her morning lecture at the University of Maryland, introduced us to her professors (very nice to see Leon again), and took us to a ‘Noon Concert’.

Then we went to visit The Frog.