Pictures from Troy’s and Christinne’s wedding.

While we were in Cozumel I collected copies of pictures from everybody we were staying with and posted those pictures here. Now that Troy and Christinne are back from their honeymoon, I have added the pictures from their camera and I am reposting all of the pictures. So, for those of you who were at the wedding and wanted to share pictures, and for others who just want to look through a couple thousand photos from the trip – here is the complete collection.

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Cozumel Day 2 – Saturday – June 2008

In the morning LD and I enjoyed some orange juice, rolls, and coffee in our room, got dressed, and went out to the lobby to check the board. Troy and Christinne had left a message inviting everyone to meet them at Jeanie’s for breakfast. Jeanie’s is a waffle house, restaurant, bar, and beach club just a few blocks south of our hotel. Mama and Papa turned up while we were in the lobby and after a bit of chit chat we decided to all walk together to Jeanie’s.

We caught up with Troy and Christinne as they were leaving Jeanie’s to run some wedding errands. We took over their table and ordered lunch. Troy reminded us that the big plan for the day was a trip to Playa del Carmen (on the mainland, just a quick ferry ride away) to go shopping and eat dinner.

We ate at a leisurely pace, strolled back to our hotel, and changed clothes for our trip. The ferry terminal is about four blocks north of Hotel Vista Del Mar, just across from the town plaza. Our group was a little slow getting out of the hotel and we had to hurry to the terminal. The afternoon sun beat down like an cudgel as we jogged up the street, bought our tickets, and boarded the ferry. The ride was choppy and we were all a little worse for wear by the time we tied up in Playa del Carmen.

Dave and Sarita said that they remember Playa as a sleepy, not very touristy town between Cancun and Cozumel. Thing have changed in the last 25 years. Playa is now a busy tourist town and playland destination in its own right. LD and I bought some souvenirs, pet a big iguana, had a few drinks, and played on the wide sandy beach. Compared to Cozumel, the beach in Playa provides room for people to play – we saw children playing in the surf, beautiful people relaxing in the sun, a family playing volleyball, the remains of sand castles – you know, beach stuff. Cozumel trades all of these sand and surf activities for clear water and a rocky shoreline – better water for diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Troy, Christinne, Dave, Sarita, Christi, Marie, LD, and I had dinner together at a nice Italian place just off 5th Ave. The place had fabulous fresh gnocchi and ravioli – a nice change from the spicy seafood readily available here. We ate till we were stuffed, finished our wine, and made our way back to the dock. During the few minutes before the crew opened the ferry for boarding, LD and I took another stroll down the night time beach and shared a cheep and refreshing cup of fresh fruit we bought along the way.