Arriving in North Carolina

I traveled to North Carolina from Baltimore today. I landed in Research Triangle Park, or RTP to those of us who frequent the area, which is between Raleigh and Durham, NC, at around noon. I met up with some colleagues from the RTP office and we went to Neomonde Baking Company Cafe for lunch. Neomonde’s is a favorite stop of mine. I really love middle eastern food, and these folks know how to do it right. After a yummy lunch, I spent a few hours working in the RTP office, and then drove down to Wilmington.

Amy with her new dining table

My friend and colleague, Amy, had told me that, of the nights I will be in town, tonight is the one that she is available.  Amy just got a new place overlooking the Cape Fear River, and we agreed to meet there.  We spent some time catching up, and I helped her put together her new dining table.  Following crazy, unclear directions in order to assemble furniture really worked up our appetite for some dinner!  We drove down to Kure Beach and had all we could eat shrimp.  It was a well deserved feast.

New Manager, Old Manager

My manager, Heidi, is leaving my company. She is adopting a baby, and has decided that she wants to stay home with her new daughter.  I totally respect and support her decision, but I am really bummed she won’t be my manager anymore. I really love working with her!

Happily, the person who is taking over as my manager is a co-worker that I admire. Her name is Tracy, and she is officially my boss on Monday.  My old manager and new manager are in the picture; Heidi is on the left, and Tracy is on the right.  I should clarify that by “old” I mean former, not aged.

Tracy and Heidi have done a great job with the transition. They even met with me in person to talk about performance reviews, and where I want to go over the next year. Performance reviews at my company are coming up soon, so it would be pretty awkward for Tracy to have to do my review with no input from Heidi. The review would say something like, “well, she has worked for me for three days, but she hasn’t complained so far.  On the other hand, she hasn’t trained one class, or produced any work product either… huh, maybe she sucks.” Thank goodness for a smooth and well thought out hand off!

On a related note, the position I had prior to joining my current team was eliminated.  Yikes! Now, did they eliminate the job because that position had no work to do?  No!  They just assumed that my group would absorb the work.   Some nerve.  Not to mention, they did not even tell my boss’s boss! I feel no need to be included in high level business decisions.   I would just as soon be left out conversations that include words like “work flow”, “action item”, and “full time equivalent”, but I feel that someone whose title includes the words “director of training” (my boss’s boss, for example) ought to know about an entire training group being dissolved, and the work load coming our way.  Call me crazy!  Anyway, thanks to some quick thinking on the part of the people in my old position, and clever management on the part of my boss’s boss, today we interviewed some of that group for positions within my team. Yeah! I am happy because this could mean a training partner in Austin.

I am feeling grateful about the fact that I am in North Carolina for all of the changes, transitions, and interviews.  It was not planned, but it worked out well in the end.   I do have to say, I am out of practice with the travel.  Used to be a two week trip was a piece of cake, but it has been hard, and I am ready to go home. Tomorrow evening I fly back to Austin.

Visiting North Carolina – April 2006

DSC04907 I finally took LD up on her offer to visit North Carolina. She has been working in RTP for a little over a year and she invited me to join her for a few days, see the cities, and meet her co-workers. We went to the Spring Daze Earth Day festival in Cary, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, and the Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. We had dinner with friends at Maggiano’s and a tasty Mediterranean lunch at Neomonde’s. Here are some photo’s I took along the way.