Summer 2012 Vacation Highlights and Links

Joey has finished posting all of the photos from our vacation this summer.  We drove about 5000 miles, through eight states, and visited four National Parks.

Check out the map below for details of our drive:

View National Parks Trip – Summer 2012 in a larger map

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.  Below you can find the links to all of the photos, which, if you know Joey, you know there are lots of pictures!

Joey and friend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Laura and me at Grand Teton National Park

Joey, me, Laura, and Jason in front of Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

“Dancers” at Beauty Pool in Yellowstone National Park

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park

Zion National Park

McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, Texas

Visit with Monica and Sean Foley in Golden, CO

Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone Lake and Hayden Valley

Yellowstone National Park: Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Fall

Yellowstone National Park: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Glacier National Park

Zion National Park

Davis Mountains State Park and McDonald Observatory

Thanksgiving in El Paso – November 2005

DSC04042 LD and I spent Thanksgiving week with my parents in El Paso. She and I were both on the mend after a couple of weeks of flu, so we took it easy – LD spent a lot of time knitting, we took a drive through the upper valley, had lunch at Little Diner in Canutillo, and saw a couple of movies (’Good Night and Good Luck’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’).

Toward the end of the week we were feeling a little more adventurous, so we went hiking up above the theater in McKelligon canyon and then drove to Chico’s Tacos for some lunch.

Mother’s Day in El Paso – May 2004

IF Troy, Kay, and I drove to El Paso on May 5th with the intention of spending the Mother’s Day weekend remodeling Mama’s kitchen. (Roadtrip!)

Papa had already removed some of the cabinets and taped, floated, and painted the new walls. We spent the next few days cutting tile, sweating new joints into the plumbing, running new lights and outlets, and replacing all of the cabinets and countertops.

Ross and Kat were in El Paso while we were and we spent some time with them while we were there.

I hope we can do more family projects like this.  It was fun to all work on the project together.