Wisconsin Dells – August 2005

GreatWolf_Bucket Joey works for a company based in northern Illinois. They have a retreat for all the managers and their families each year. This year Joey and I were invited. The place that we went is a town call Wisconsin Dells. It is in Wisconsin, a few hours north of Chicago. I like to think of it as a Las Vegas for kids. Just like the strip in Las Vegas, all along the main street in The Dells (as the locals call it), there are hotels all advertising why their hotel is better than the next. Instead of gambling, amusement and water parks are the way to attract the people. Our hotel, The Great Wolf Lodge, actually had a waterpark within the hotel! We were introduced to the idea of the indoor water park, a must in the Wisconsin climate (although we had lovely weather while we were there)! Joey and I are tough critics when it comes to water parks, because we love to visit Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas. We were skeptical that the folks in Wisconsin could compete, but we were proved wrong! The water parks had really great rides, at least one we had never seen before.