Workout Summary 15-21 February

I did great on working out this past week.  I am hoping I can keep it up.

Total minutes = 528!

Total calories = 3550

Sunday – hiking, Monday – Body Pump and eliptical, Tuesday – Eliptical with Debra, Wednesday – hiking, Thursday – Body Pump, Saturday – Body Pump, Yoga with Lee, and hiking

I did Body Pump today, and I plan to go to cycling class with Debra tomorrow morning.  Also, I have finally seen a drop in weight.  I have been working out since November, and my weight had really stayed about the same the whole time.  That is a big accomplishment through the holidays, but once we were into January, I was hoping to see some results.  Joey has been a great cheerleader, and reminded me that it takes awhile for my body to realize what is going on and adapt to the new eating and exercise patterns.

Now I have to remember that that I have to stick with it even when I do get to my goal weight.

Workout Summary 04-13 February

I took last Wednesday and Friday off from working out.  Thursday, 05 Feb, I went on a hike with Joey and the girls.  I also went to Body Pump at Hester’s Crossing.  Saturday I went to Body Pump at Tech Ridge, and I had a teacher I had never had before.  Her name is Jessica, and I really liked her.  I am looking forward to attending her class again, and I am bummed that I can’t go this coming Saturday because I have altar guild at the time of her class.

This Monday Debra and I did eliptical for an hour.  Wednesday we went for a hike with the dogs again.  Today I took Cali, Katy, and Elanor for a hike.  I also went to Body Pump and did 15 minutes of eliptical and 17 minutes (one mile) on the treadmill.  Tomorrow I plan to go to yoga and do a little cardio.

Total minutes = 422, Total calories = 3133

Recent puppy activities

Here are some photos of recent activities with the dogs. Cali is staying with us this weekend because Lee and Billy are in San Francisco for friend’s wedding.

20090202 Joey and Ela
Joey and Elanor look pathetic

20090204 Cali and Elanor
Cali and Ela wait for a goldfish – the cracker! No real goldfish were harmed during the taking of this picture

20090208 Joey and Katy
Katy and Joey snuggle on the couch

20090213 Read for our walk
I took all three girls on a walk today. We had a great time. Cali and Elanor swam, and Katy and I waded, and everyone got muddy!

20090213 Cali sleeping
20090213 Ela Sleeping
After the walk, everyone got a bath, and then all three dogs went to sleep. Mission accomplished!

Workout Summary 25 January – 03 February

Ok, last week I kind of slacked off, but so far this week I have kicked butt!

25-31 Jan – Total minutes: 360, total calories:2576

Breaks down as: Tuesday – eliptical 60 minutes and yoga 60 minutes, Wednesday – Body Pump and eliptical 60 minutes, Thursday – hiking 30 minutes, Friday – hiking 60 minutes.  The weather at the end of the week was too awesome to spend anytime indoors at the gym, so Walnut Creek Park got my exercise time instead.

This week so far: Sunday – hiking 70 minutes, Monday – Body Pump, Tuesday – eliptical 30 minutes (total strides = 3936, distance = 2.47), wave runner 10 minutes, treadmill 18 minutes (1 mile) and hiking 75 mintues (2.8 miles)

01-03 February – Total minutes = 265, total calories = 1974

Plan for the rest of the week: Wednesday – Eliptical for 60 minutes, Thursday – Body Pump, Friday – some sort of cardio, Saturday – Yoga

Yeah, go me!  Feeling great right now!

Workout summary 21-24 January

OK, I did pretty well, especially if you factor in that I was sick Friday and Saturday.  I did 335 minutes total, and burned 2024 calories.  I came pretty close to the goal, and totally topped last week.

This week’s plan: Monday – Body Pump and Yoga, Tuesday – RPM, Wednesday – Body Pump (I am hoping Billy will join me for this one) and eliptical machine or treadmill, Thursday – eliptical/treadmill and yoga, Friday – Body combat (new class for me), Saturday – Body Pump and Yoga.  This would give me strength training on three days, yoga on three days, and cardio on four days.  We shall see if I can stick with the plan, or if the universe will intervene!

Exercise Log 11-20 January

I did not do as much exercise as I would have liked, but I did do some, so I won’t call it a total bust.  I did 109 minutes total, and 949 calories burned.

This week I am off to a much better start.  I played Wii Fit at Rachel and Debra’s house, and actually got my heart going a bit.  I definately had fun!  Can one make a case for a second gaming console, when you are not really that interested in most video games, and, in fact, avoid them at all costs?  Well, if that is allowed, then I think I might go there ;-)  In the mean time, the Serrins/Springfield family is stuck with me playing their Wii.  I don’t think that is such a terrible thing since they were kind of stuck with me anyway!

I did Body Pump and Yoga yesterday.  I was able to keep up during Body Pump, and even increased my weight over the last time despite the fact that I was one week out of practice.  I know that sounds like nothing, but my muscle tone is really poor, and even a few days out of the routine can make a real difference.  I am sore today!  I overslept this morning and by virtue of that fact stood Debra up for RPM.  Joey and Billy keep teasing me about getting up so early, but I am really bummed about missing the class, and not getting to see Debra.  I did go on a hike with Joey, Elanor, and Katy this afternoon.

Plan for the rest of the week: Wednesday – Body Pump and Cardio, Thursday – Body Pump and Yoga, Friday – Cardio, Saturday – Cardio and Yoga.

Workout Summary week of 04-10 January 2009

I did yoga and walked (treadmill) on Monday.  I was not able to do body pump because I failed to sign up!  The influx of new people after the new year meant that the class filled up.  The classes before Christmas did not require sign up – more accurately they were not bothering to enforce it or tell anyone because the classes were not full.  Ah, well, I went much harder on the treadmill out of frustration, so I got my workout in the end.

Tuesday I joined Debra for for RPM really early in the morning.  Robyn was the instructor, and she was really fun and encouraging.  If I were not in Tampa, I would be up for trying it again tomorrow morning.  My butt was quite sore, but Debra assures me it will go away!

Thursday I did yoga and Body Pump.  Saturday I did yoga with Lee.

Total minutes = 320.  Total calories = 1659.

I once again missed my goal, and I also slipped from last week’s numbers.  This week will be tough, since I am not at home.  I am sad that I don’t have Body Pump.  Even though I have only been doing it for four weeks, I have really come to like it.  It will be tough to stay focused this week, so any encouragement is really appreciated!

Plan for the week: 60 minutes of cardio Monday – Thursday.  Yoga on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Exercise Log for 29 Dec – 03 Jan

I did better with working out than I did last week.  Laura was in town, and she encouraged me, and joined me at Body Pump on Friday.  So here is the run down…  Total minutes: 395, Total calories burned: 2109

I did yoga twice, body pump 3 times, and cardio twice.  I am really aiming to do 3 hours of strength training, 3 hours of cardio, and three hours of yoga.

Plan for this week: Monday – body pump and yoga, Tuesday – RPM with Debra, Wednesday – body pump and treadmill, Thursday – body pump and yoga, Saturday – body jam and yoga.

It is getting easier to get myself to the gym.  I am feeling stronger, but I still get out of breath really quickly.  I am hoping that increasing my cardio workouts over the next few weeks will help with that!

9th day of Christmas

Laura and I started the morning with a trip to the gym.  We took a Body Pump class.  Laura did great, and even got a compliment on her performance from the lady standing behind her.  The class was at the Hester’s Crossing gym, and I decided I don’t like the group exercise room as much as I like the one at Tech Ridge.  It is much harder to see the teacher, and I am uncoordinated enough to really need to see the teacher!  It was a good class, and we got a great workout.

After our workout, Laura and I dropped by to see Rachel, Asher, and Chiara.  Asher was kind enough to show Laura his trampoline.  We all got a chance to jump on the trampoline.  As I was climbing on I broke the step stool that Asher uses to get onto the trampoline.  Yikes – back to the gym – maybe if I reach my goal weight, a step stool will be able to hold me ;-)  Rachel assured me that it was already cracked, and while I do believe her, I also believe she might have told me that anyway so that I didn’t feel bad about my weight.

After my step stool mishap, Asher took me on a trip on his boat.  We sailed to Algeria, Andora, and Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires, which just happens to be one of my favorite cities!

20090102 Laura, Elanor, and LD When we got back to our house we ate some lunch and rested a little bit.  Then we went with Joey and Elanor to Walnut Creek park for a hike.  The weather was fantastic, and we had a lot of fun.  Joey showed Laura and I a tree that he had found while riding that was decorated for Christmas.  Elanor chased a stick, met several new doggy friends, and played in the water.  She actually got into water deep enough that she had to swim!  She wasn’t too fond of the actual swimming, so she resorted to hopping through the water.

Mom and Dad drove to San Antonio to attend my great-aunt Francis’s funeral.  She was my grandma Margaret’s older sister.  She passed away on 23 December.  She had been a sargent in the army, and we found out after the funeral that she had been awarded three bronze stars.

Jason had to work on New Year’s Day, so he drove down from Denton today.

By the time Laura, Joey, Elanor and I made it back to the house, Mom, Dad and Jason had all arrived.  We spent a pleasant evening together.  We watched Big Fish and Almost Famous – my mom and dad had never seen either movie!


Well, I did exercise this week.  I did not do as much as I had planned, nor did I top last week’s numbers, but I also did not stop entirely, so I am counting it as a good week.

Monday – yoga, Tuesday – Body Pump, Thursday – hike, Friday – Body Pump.  Total time – 270 minutes.  Total calories – 1473.

Plan for next week: Monday – yoga and cardio, Tuesday – cardio, Wednesday – Body Pump and water aerobics, Friday – Body Pump and water aerobics, Saturday – cardio and yoga.