Hamilton Pool – June 2008

03 On Saturday LD and I went with some of our friends to Hamilton Pool. LD, Don, Coye, and Sydney drove out to the pool at about ten o’clock. Both Misty and I had commitments in town that left us free to leave at noon, so I hitched a ride with Misty and her boys. Brian is currently a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in the Pyrenees, so he was not able to join us this year (Brian – I’m looking forward to seeing pictures from Spain).

Misty, the boys, and I got to Hamilton Preserve at about one o’clock. We had to wait about half and hour for a parking place (Hamilton Preserve only has 75 parking spots – once they are full they only admit cars as other cars leave). Once we were inside the park we hiked down to the pool and located the morning group. Coye had selected a nice spot on the far side of the pool for us to set out our towels and lunch.

Coye and I spent half an hour swimming and throwing his Frisbee across the pool. The waterfall was light and pleasant (not much rain lately, but still very nice). We spent a long time chatting and people watching (wow that was a short swimsuit!) and I took time to snap a few pictures.

When I got home I spent some digital darkroom time with a few of the photos. I liked these b/w prints produced with various color filters.