Looking after Boston and Lola

img_7811 Aaron and Sujata had to go to San Antonio for several days, and they asked us to look after their two dogs Boston and Lola (she was a show girl).

Boston is a basset/springer spaniel mix, about four years old.  Lola is a basset/rottweiler mix, about eight months old.  They are both very cute!  I love it when they sit or stand facing you, their paws look like they are in ballet first position.

img_7808 Lola, Elanor and Boston have been having a great time wrestling and playing in the backyard.  Four dogs all at once is a bit of chaos, and feeding time is quite a circus, but we happy to have them visit.  Katy is acting completely aloof, but I think she actually enjoys having more dogs to boss around!

Elanor trees a racoon

img_7012 Elanor loves to stare up at the sky.  Sometimes she chases and barks at things she sees as she looks kup.  Today she managed to spot a baby racoon.  Not only that, she cornered it up the telephone pole.  She was insanely proud of herself.  When we convinced her to come inside, she pranced around the house showing off.  The next time I let her out in the yard, she ran back over to sit and stare up at the racoon, who was still on the telephone pole!  Actually, she managed to keep it up there all day.  It was still on the telephone pole when we closed up the house tonight.  You can see Elanor’s initial victory over the wiley ‘coon in the picture.

Dogs – 07 August 2009

Here are some recent cute pictures of the girls. As you can see, Elanor is way more interested in the camera than Katy!

Camping at Willis Creek

DSC01825 Rachel, Debra, Joey, and I have been saying we would like to go camping together for YEARS!  We finally managed it on Easter weekend.

We decided to try out some federal camp grounds run by the Army Corp of Engineers.  We wound up with a reservation at Willis Creek Park, which is on Granger Lake, near Taylor, Texas.  The website indicated that the usual camping activities were available at the park: swimming, hiking, etc.  As Rachel describes, this was only partially true.

We actually had a great time despite the lack of formal activity.  I got some much needed rest.  We got to play with our godchildren, and visit with Rachel and Debra.  Elanor came with us as well, and she played on the shore of the lake and tried to pick up the waves and bring them back to us.  She did very well in the tent, and didn’t even steal my sleeping bag from me!

On Saturday morning we walked down to the boat dock.  The lake was very low, but we had a nice walk anyway.  Elanor was the only one who actually got into the water.  Back at the campsite we held races across the lawn, and lounged until it was time to pack up to go home.

Over all a successful trip!  We plan to go again soon, and this time I think we will aim for a camp site with more hiking and swimming opportunities.

Hiking with Elanor on Wells Branch


We take Elanor to the park very often.  She runs back and forth sniffing everthing.  She swims, or jumps around in the water.  She plays with other dogs we meet along the way.  She chases lizards and crawfish.

We usually hike in Walnut Creek Park. The park has three creeks: Walnut Creek, Tar Branch, and Wells Branch. Tar Branch and Wells Branch both empty into Walnut Creek, and then Walnut Creek flows out of the park, and eventually to the Colorado River. We usually play in Tar Branch and Walnut Creek upstream of the point where Wells Branch joins Walnut Creek. On this particular trip we went down to Wells Branch. There were many small fish in the creek, and Elanor and I had a good time watching them swim around.


Puppy Adventures

Here are the latest pictures of the dogs…

Elanor taking a nap – she looks so peaceful!

Elanor and Atticus stare each other down. Atticus actually lost this round.

Katy and Elanor sit pretty, waiting for a treat.

Katy and Elanor getting some petting before bedtime. They are finally willing to be this close to each other. Previously they would have pushed each other out of the way to get Joey’s attention.

Pictures of the hike with Megan and Robert

I mentioned a hike with Megan and Robert, and Megan’s dogs, Reese and Anna, in a previous post.  Here are some pictures of the event.

Valentine Dogs

20090211 Cali and Ela Kissing

Elanor and Cali asked me to post this picture. They wanted to share their kisses with everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day from LisaDiane, Joey, Katy, Elanor, and Cali!

Recent puppy activities

Here are some photos of recent activities with the dogs. Cali is staying with us this weekend because Lee and Billy are in San Francisco for friend’s wedding.

20090202 Joey and Ela
Joey and Elanor look pathetic

20090204 Cali and Elanor
Cali and Ela wait for a goldfish – the cracker! No real goldfish were harmed during the taking of this picture

20090208 Joey and Katy
Katy and Joey snuggle on the couch

20090213 Read for our walk
I took all three girls on a walk today. We had a great time. Cali and Elanor swam, and Katy and I waded, and everyone got muddy!

20090213 Cali sleeping
20090213 Ela Sleeping
After the walk, everyone got a bath, and then all three dogs went to sleep. Mission accomplished!

Day with Asher

CIMG3019 Today Asher came over to my house to play for a few hours.  Rachel and Debra were able to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which they said was very good, if very long.

Asher and I played with his encyclopedia.  We read about Alcohol, Alexander the Great, and many other “A” words. We put together the Latin America puzzle, in alphabetical order, of course!  We spent much of our time looking at my atlas, which, according to Asher, “will tell us where we are”.

We looked up Andora in the index.  He noticed that not only did the index give a page number, it also gave numbers and letters, like A12.  He asked what they meant, and I explained that the letters and numbers refer to the grid lines that are laid out on each map to make it easier to find a small place in a big map.  As you might imagine, this information changed everything!  We began “going” to each grid square on the North America map, starting with A1.  We spent a lot of time in the Arctic Ocean.  We were cold, but we caught some fish anyway.  Before he left we made it all the way to Montana.  The highlight for me was riding horses in Alberta, Canada.  He rode a dragon, as you can see in the pictures below.

Asher asked Elanor if she would like to play outside, and she was most obliging.  They ran around the backyard together for quite some time.  I managed to get a really cute picture of the action.  Asher is singing the “dot, dot, dot” song from Mamma Mia!, and Elanor is playing Sophie’s friend.