Dogs – 07 August 2009

Here are some recent cute pictures of the girls. As you can see, Elanor is way more interested in the camera than Katy!

Puppy Adventures

Here are the latest pictures of the dogs…

Elanor taking a nap – she looks so peaceful!

Elanor and Atticus stare each other down. Atticus actually lost this round.

Katy and Elanor sit pretty, waiting for a treat.

Katy and Elanor getting some petting before bedtime. They are finally willing to be this close to each other. Previously they would have pushed each other out of the way to get Joey’s attention.

Pictures of the hike with Megan and Robert

I mentioned a hike with Megan and Robert, and Megan’s dogs, Reese and Anna, in a previous post.  Here are some pictures of the event.

Recent puppy activities

Here are some photos of recent activities with the dogs. Cali is staying with us this weekend because Lee and Billy are in San Francisco for friend’s wedding.

20090202 Joey and Ela
Joey and Elanor look pathetic

20090204 Cali and Elanor
Cali and Ela wait for a goldfish – the cracker! No real goldfish were harmed during the taking of this picture

20090208 Joey and Katy
Katy and Joey snuggle on the couch

20090213 Read for our walk
I took all three girls on a walk today. We had a great time. Cali and Elanor swam, and Katy and I waded, and everyone got muddy!

20090213 Cali sleeping
20090213 Ela Sleeping
After the walk, everyone got a bath, and then all three dogs went to sleep. Mission accomplished!

Backyard Project

And in the fourth winter Joey said, “let there be grass”, and there was grass, and it was good.  Ok, well, there is not grass yet, mainly mud… let me back up.

CIMG2839 When we moved into the house four years ago, the backyard was all weeds.  We never minded much.  KatyDog was thrilled to have a backyard at all.  She didn’t complain about the lack of grass.  Also, since she mainly likes to find a sunny spot and lie down, she did not really put to much stress on the vegetation that was there when we moved in.  The horrific drought, on the other hand, really did a number on the lawn.  Four summers, and the “grass” just beyond our patio was toast[ed].  The ground was packed down, and when it did rain, the water just slid past without being absorbed – creating an erosion problem for us, and a run-off problem for our downhill neighbors.

Enter one very energetic lab puppy, who would really love to play in the yard.  She has much bigger paws than KatyDog, and cleaning up muddy footprints does not sound fun.  Just the motivation Joey and I needed to finally do something about the turf, or lack there of, in our backyard.

KatyDog, Elanor, and I provided moral support.  All of the actual labor was done by Joey.  Here is the run down: Rake up all the dead weeds and dog mess, weed eat the living weeds into submission, borrow a dirt rake and a spreader from Troy, use the dirt rake to lossen up the soil, water, spread fertalizer, water, spread winter rye seed, use the dirt rake to work the seed into the soil, water, and wait.  Keep watering.  Wait until you see grass beginning to grow.  I hate waiting!  KatyDog is hating the waiting as well because we won’t let her in the backyard, since it is just a big mud puddle right now.  As long as we are waiting for the grass to show up, I took a few pictures.  More when there is actual grass…

It is a doggy dog world

CIMG2773 Elanor has definately made a place in our hearts.  Here are some more pictures of her from the past week.

She went with us to Lee and Billy’s house this past Friday.  She and Cali played with one of Cali’s toys in the backyard.  You can see it in a couple of the pictures – a dino cuz.  It is hard rubber, it squeaks, and it has a dinosaur tail – what more could you want in a toy?  Not much if the fun that Cali and Ela had is the measure we are using to judge!

Elanor’s bed arrived on Friday.  She has already made it her own by covering it with yellow dog fur.  She is very happy hanging out on her bed when we are in the living room or dining room.  Katy is very happy that Elanor now has her own bed, so maybe she will stop stealing Katy’s!

Elanor is quite confused and concerned about the fact that Joey and I repeatedly go into this small white room (the shower stall) and come out all wet.  When we leave the shower, she goes and looks into the shower to see what all the fuss is about.  You can see her very seriously considering the problem in the last picture below.