LisaDiane’s 30th Birthday – September 2005

IMG_0082 I decided turning 30 would be no problem if I got to have a big party! I even got a fancy party dress for the occation. Lots of food, and a great cake made it even better.

Things got really crazy when I opened my presents to discover that my idle comment about wearing a Wonder Woman costume at the party had been exploited. Mom and Dad sent the costume, and everyone else had fun convincing me to wear it. Thank goodness for pictures, which will preserve the memory forever! We topped it all off with a water balloon fight, and a piñata.

Christmas Morning 2004 and New Years Day 2005

Troy, Kay, Mama, Papa, LD and I enjoyed our Christmas holiday together here in Austin. A week later LD and I held our annual New Years Day party.
I’ve posted several photos from Christmas morning and a few photos of various people lounging after the New Years Day party. Enjoy :-)

Mustang Island State Park – November 2004

IF We decided to take a trip to the beach. Trusting that the weather in Texas is always warm, we set out for Port Aransas the second weekend of November. Out theory on the weather was proved incorrect, and we had rain, wind and forty degree temperatures!

We also had a great time relaxing together, playing games, walking on the beach and generally kicking back and taking it easy for a few days.

Kay’s Birthday – August 2004

IF Kay’s birthday was a smash success.

Troy got a chance to throw a backyard party in his new backyard, and Kay made a custom piñata (she bought two piñatas, removed the paper, attached the framework of one to the other, and covered the new piñata with new paper – thus yielding an effigy of the friendly worm character from Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”) which we helped her destroy.

A bunch of Kay and Aaron’s friends joined us for the celebration.

São Paulo, Brazil – July 2004

IF Sujata and I travelled to Brazil to train the employees in our São Paulo office. Our training class was fantastic; the room was great, the view was beautiful, and the trainees were charming, lovely, and smart.

We did not have too much time for site seeing, but we did manage to eat at a churrascaria (yummy) and go shopping a couple of times.

Our shopping trips were very different from each other: the first was to Xtra Hipermercado, the Brazilian equivilant of Target, and the second was to Embu das Artes, an outdoor market located about forty minutes from the part of São Paulo in which we were staying.

We had a wonderful visit, even with our short amount of time. We had fun discovering the wonders of Brazil, including: all Brazilian women are fabulously gorgeous, the longer you stay in Brazil the ‘hotter’ you become, the influence of the Antarctic wind can definitely be felt in São Paulo in July, all Brazilian men are named Marcello, Brazilian food is to die for (Buffalo Mozzarella is a staple), and Portugese is a language worth conquering!

Cambridge, England – June 2004


After our sojourn in London, we set down to work in Cambridge, but you would never know that from the photos!

London, England – June 2004

LisaDiane and Sujata at Tower Bridge Work required that I go to Cambridge, England for two weeks. I had never been to England before, so I decided to go early.

My co-workers: Sujata, Jeannie, Katie, and Quinn had the same idea.  We spent three days in London prior to beginning work in Cambridge.

We took in the sights, and lots of fish and chips (with a beer to wash it down). We had a fantastic time just being tourists!

Passover – April 2004

IF I love the Seder feast, and this year we celebrated a memorable one. For several years Kat, Ross, LD, and I have celebrated passover together. Kat is a marvelous cook and she has always treated us to a lovely dinner at passover. This year Kat was working in El Paso and could not join us – so we had to make do on our own.
We invited a larger group than usual, and everyone contributed to the evening. Kay (who joined us for passover for the first time last year) brought her friend Aaron. Troy, Christine, and Sujata all attended – and helped us cook. We had roast lamb, roast beef, haroset, broiled asparagus, palak paneer, boiled eggs, matzah balls, carrots, and potatos. And lots of matzah.
Passover has become a necessary part of my year. I am always refreshed by the opportunity to share the sincere, fun, and somewhat solemn service with my friends and to feast and celebrate with them at the same time. As we say in the Haggadah – For in the time of freedom, there is knowledge of servitude. And in the time of bondage, there is hope of redemption.