Opal sock yarn at Opal Divine’s

Sock with beer flight at Opal Divine'sJoey and I went to Opal Divine’s tonight for dinner.  I decided to try some new beers, so I got a flight of beer, including: Southern Star Blond Bombshell, Thirsty Planet Armadillo Wheat, Circle Brewing Envy Amber, and Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout.  The two Southern Star beers were by far my favorites.  While we waited for our food, I worked on Mom’s socks, for which I am using yarn called Opal Hundertwasser by Zwerger Garn.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Elanor and Cali guard Joey’s office

Cali came to stay with us this week, since Lee and Billy were out of town. She and Elanor actually shared the green dog bed for a bit, while they guarded the door to Joey’s office.
Elanor and Cali in Joey's office

New color for LD and new collar for Elanor

Elanor's new collar

Today I went to see Anne.  She suggested that we dye my hair really dark and add purple and chartreuse feathers. It just so happens that the colors she suggested exactly match the pair of socks that I am making. I agreed to her idea, and you can see the results below. In a previous post I had mentioned that I made a pair of knitted gloves for Anne as a barter. Her end of the bargain was to make a collar for Elanor. You can check out Elanor’s new look in the picture, and you can check out more of Anne’s art on her website (which Joey created, by the way).

color and feathers by Anne

Elanor watches TV

Elanor loves to chase lights and anything shiny, like the dot from a laser pointer or the light reflected off a mirror. She also likes things that dart around on the television. She will actually watch TV if there are dogs barking or if there is something moving quickly across the screen that catches her eye. Selecting movies on Netflix is one of the things she really likes to watch – she doesn’t much care once we pick the movie, but the actual selection is a blast as far as Elanor is concerned. Happily I had my iPhone handy, and managed to record her antics.

Liam and the dirty sheep

Several years ago I bought a pair of Haflinger slippers with a sheep on them. The sheep is gray. It started out gray. But Lee and Billy thought that it started out white, and that I just took such bad care of my things that they turned gray from dirt. They didn’t tell me that for a long time, it came out years after the fact. Of course, I still have the sheep slippers. We now refer to the slippers as the “dirty, dirty sheep”.

Last week Joey was taking care of Liam and I was working in my home office. Joey, Liam and Elanor came in to visit for a minute. Liam found one of the sheep slippers. He was completely fascinated by it. After about a minute of watching him play, I took out the iPhone and recorded his play. Enjoy!

Trip to Austin and visit with friends

Por Vida

While I was in North Carolina I had a bit of a scratchy throat, and some allergy type symptoms.  Nothing too terrible.  Then I got on a plane and flew home.  While I am glad to be home, the airplane air, and the pressure that flying put on my ears pushed me over into really congested and uncomfortable!

I landed back in Austin later than expected due to a delayed flight out of Raleigh-Durham airport this morning.  The flight delay was due to “crew rest”.  Sujata commented on that, “crew rest = hangover”.  In any case, the flight took off late enough that I missed my connection in Dallas, and that put me in Austin too late for Sujata to pick me up at the airport.  We had a meeting at 14:00 that she was in charge of, and I didn’t hit the ground in Austin until 13:45.

No problemo.  I got my luggage, and hopped in a cab for the very short trip over to the office.  I should have walked into Sujata’s office at about 14:05.  No such luck.  As my cab turned into the office parking lot the truck that had made the turn just in front of us stopped suddenly and my cab smashed into the back of it!  So I sat there, just a few meters from the door of the office, waiting for the driver to sort out the insurance stuff with the driver of the truck.  Happily it was very low speed, and no one was hurt.  The cars were barely scratched.

I finally made it to Sujata’s office.  We finished up our meeting, and then we went over to the Tea Embassy to visit, drink tea, and relax.  Sujata was kind enough to shuttle me and my luggage a bit further north to meet Joey.

Later in the evening Joey and I went over to see Megan and Robert.  They were throwing a little party to thank the folks who have taken care of their dogs when they are out of town.  We had a great time.  As always, Megan had a tasty and elegantly laid out spread.  It was a very long day, but other than the congestion and the wreck, it was totally awesome.

Plumbing revisited

Joey fixed the drain basket of our kitchen sink a few days ago, as I mentioned in a previous post. A couple of days after that the faucet started leaking a little around its base when we turned the water on. Sunday that small leak turned into a spray, if the faucet was in just the wrong position.

Since I am in North Carolina this week, Joey decided to take the opportunity to fix the faucet. I love my husband! He worked really hard,and got it all fixed and put back together. When he turned the water on, the new seal he had put on the main faucet worked perfectly. However, at that very moment the gasket on the sprayer gave out, and Joey got soaking wet.

Joey took apart everything he had just finished putting together, and will have to go to the hardware store tomorrow for yet another part for our sink. It seems that six years and eight months is how long our sink had in it before needing serious repairs!

Walnut Creek Park

Kay, Daniel, LD, Ela, and I went for a walk through Walnut Creek Metro Park this afternoon.  Ela was almost invisible as she led Daniel through the tall grass.

So I had an orange at lunch…

…and I cut it open. Across the axis of the orange. And it looked like this.

A Strange Orange

A little strange. So I cut open another just to check. Cut across the axis like before. Same kind of orange from the same box at HEB. The second orange looked like all of the other oranges I’ve eaten this week.

Here is a pic of the two oranges next to each other.

Strange and less strange oranges

And some video of the oranges :-)

Odd perhaps, but they were tasty.

Breakfast delayed and plumbing repaired

This morning Joey got up early and cleaned the kitchen.  He also prepped for making breakfast.  We had planned to have scrambled eggs with spinach and sausage yesterday morning, but the universe intervened.

Tuesday night while Joey was doing the dishes, we noticed a puddle of water near the sink.  Upon investigation, Joey discovered that the seal between the sink and the drain basket had failed.  It was fairly late, so Joey had to wait until the next morning to get the supplies he needed to finish the repair.  The fix was pretty inexpensive, thanks to the fact that Joey is extremely handy at home repairs!  Also, Joey got to use his Dremmel tool, and, if you know Joey at all, you know how he LOVES that.

That brings us to this morning, and our breakfast.  As I mentioned above, Joey prepped everything, but did not add the eggs.  I poured the eggs over spinach and sausage, intending to scramble them.  But the eggs looked so smooth and nice, and the edge firmed up quite nicely, and I decided to try something that I have never been successful at before: an omelette.

As I have seen Jacques Pépin do on television, I scraped around the edge of the pan and tipped the pan so that all the uncooked egg from the middle ran to the edges.  Then I left it alone for way longer than I am normally able to do.  Finally, I flipped up one edge, added cheese, and folded it over again!  As you can see from the picture, I managed to fold it up into a nice approximation of an omelette.  The next step was the most fun – we devoured the whole thing!