The Place of Etherlimits

Ever since my impromptu post the other night, I have been considering how I want Etherlimits to fit into my constellation of social media. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

I have been working at consistently reading the information that flows to me from these outlets. Although I do post to each of them on occasion, especially while I am traveling, I have never felt that I am very good at distilling my thoughts down to 140 characters. I am not sure I have anything to say that would be that interesting to others… so why do I hang onto Etherlimits? If I don’t have enough to fill up 140 characters, what vanity makes me feel that people would want to read paragraphs of information?

Well, I am Episcopalian, and, as such, I tend to like tradition. Don’t worry, I have detected the irony in the idea that my BLOG is somehow a “tradition”. Joey started Etherlimits just after he graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003. Joey created Etherlimits as a place for us to post and archive pictures from our newly acquired digital camera – before Flickr (2004) or Instagram (2010) were an option. Although blogs were certainly a ‘thing’ by 2003, not that many of our friends or family had blogs. I think that Kathlyne was the only person we knew who had a blog back in the early 2000s.

Etherlimits is nine years old, and in the computer age, that is ancient. I feel pretty good about its longevity. Neil Gaiman’s blog turned ten last year… He got the jump on us by a couple of years, but he is Neil Gaiman, so I am cool with that.

Our posts to Etherlimits in the first couple of years were mostly pictures and stories of our travels. We were both traveling frequently for work at that time. Our families could keep up with us by looking at Etherlimits.

By 2007 it seemed like all our friends were writing blogs! In late 2007, Joey and I got Flickr accounts, and began posting most of our pictures there, which made Etherlimits a bit redundant. I began experimenting with using Etherlimits less for just photos and more as a blog. I posted semi-regularly through mid-2011. Then the insanity of the CTMS Renewal struck home, and I disappeared from my life for almost a year! I feel like I have been in a daze for ages. I cannot remember large parts of the end of 2011. I am usually the person in my family that remembers all the events, dates, who was there, etc. Right now Joey is reminding me of events that took place since June of 2011. This is unprecedented in our marriage.

So what conclusions have I come to with all of this rambling? I do know that I want to keep Etherlimits (it seems ill-advised to throw away something that has been serving me well for nearly a decade). I do NOT want to post pictures on both Flickr AND Etherlimits. My current decision is to post to Etherlimits and link to photos and sets of photos on Flickr.  I reserve the right to change my mind later.

Maybe people will read what I write, and maybe not. If people don’t care about what I am writing, there is a big internet out there, and they can find something else to read.  I am going to try not worry about the fact that perhaps there is no need for me to write, and that maybe no one is interested.

As someone who loves history, and laments the decline of letter writing, I am championing my blog as historical record. As the last year has taught me, my brain will, on occasion, have difficulty holding onto the details of my life. Writing it down in the first place will probably help me remember, and if I totally forget, I can come back and read my own crazy writing, and be reminded that I am surrounded by family and friends who love me. Perhaps some anthropologist will find this blog and somehow figure out how to interpret the data. Who knows, Etherlimits might be in a museum some day.  We all have dreams.

The Murder of Peaches

Peaches from Fredericksburg about to be sacrificed to the gods of yummy preserves.

Last year I bought a box of “ugly but tasty” peaches at the end of their season. Joey used them to make Thomas Keller’s Peach Puree recipe from the Lifesavers chapter in Ad Hoc at HomeHe only had enough peaches to make five jars, which were gone very quickly!  This is an amazing substance that is absolutely more than the sum of its parts.  That being said, it can’t hurt to have fantastic and fresh Texas peaches.

We determined that we absolutely had to buy more peaches once they were in season again.  We managed to follow through on that promise to ourselves on Saturday as we returned from our three week road trip. The trip included four national parks: Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Zion, and eight US States: Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

We made two food related stops on our drive back toward Austin: green chiles and sweet onions in Hatch, NM, and peaches in Fredericksburg, TX.

Joey is cleaning and butchering the peaches right now.  The whole house smells amazing, and it is taking all my will power to not steal peaches!  I am sitting in the living room while Joey murders peaches in the kitchen.  We are listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

I have been thinking of getting back to posting on Etherlimits for awhile. Of course with so many avenues of social media, it is hard to keep up with it all!  I am writing now, because I am figuring that it is safer for me to type up an Etherlimits post than to succumb to my desire for peaches and meet the pointy end of a knife!



Lazy Saturday Morning

Downtown Wilmington Farmer's Market
Today I am off to Munich, Germany for work with two of my colleagues. Next week we will be showing off the new database for the first time to end-users who have not been involved in the design of the system. I really hope they like it!

Since I had to be in Wilmington for SME Week, it was cheaper and less crazy to simply stay over in Wilmington on Friday night and travel with Aaron and Albert from Wilmington to Munich, rather than try to go back to Austin for 24 hours.

The World According to Girls
I am very pleased with my decision to schedule my travel this way. It meant I got to have a lazy Saturday morning before my flight. I slept late, I arranged for a late check-out, and then walked around downtown Wilmington. I stopped by the Farmer’s Market, and then had brunch at Press 102, a newer restaurant that I had been wanting to try. I had Eggs San Franciscan, like Eggs Benedict, but with salmon instead of ham. The food was great, I will definitely go back. The bathroom had a funny poster labeled, “The world according to girls”, I took a picture so you can enjoy it too.

I chatted with my mom, and the got myself packed up and checked out of the hotel. I am now in the airport waiting for the first leg of my flight to board. See you on the flip side!

SME Week

LisaDiane at Britts Donut Shop at Carolina Beach
My project at work has really picked up. We are working on figuring out what topics people will need to be trained on related to the new database that is being built. My team spent the week in Wilmington, NC, meeting with Subject Matter Experts. We had back to back meetings all week (organized beautifully by my team member, Jessica). We began calling it “SME Week”.

PPD building from the Wilmington Convention Center
We made a lot of progress, but all the work this week highlighted how much more there is to do between now and our go-live date, which will be toward the end of the year.

New board walk near Wilmington Convention Center
I did manage to have some fun while I was in Wilmington, though. Dinner with my team, and time with friends. We even made it down to Carolina Beach one evening. Amy insisted that we go to Britt’s Donuts, and as she promised, the donuts were delicious!


Automated muscle pump on right leg. Automated muscle pump on left leg. Automated BP cuff on left arm that sounds like a Donkey Kong machine. Red diode pulse ox sensor clothespined to my left index finger. Nellcore pulse ox sensor taped to my right ring finger. Peripheral cannula (IV heplock) on the back of my right hand (the infusion pump is quite talkative – beeps and lights). Bair Paws hospital gown with integrated climate control. Nasal cannula supplementing my O2.

Spent part of my day catheterized & on a ventilator after being filled with IV contrast, measured by a digital scale, and imaged by a laser guided talking magnet table.

Did I sign up for the space program? If so, is it enough that my blood went through the centrifuge, or do they have to send me?

Saint Laika protect us :-) 

New poster helps me meet my deadline

New poster for my office

Joey found this poster, and thought I might like to have it for my office. I really love it, and am bummed that I will be out of town, and so will not get to spend time in my office for a whole week! It was good encouragement today. I had a really big deadline for work this week, and I am taking off work tomorrow, so I had to fit everything in today! I managed it, in the end.

Elanor portrait

Tomorrow morning early I am off to Chicago to meet up with Laura, and see her sing.

While I was getting ready to take the photo of the poster, Elanor came and sat next to me. KatyDog used to cross her paws like this, and recently Elanor has started. She looked so cute, I had to take a picture.

Asher in a tree

Asher relaxing in a tree

Today was my nephew’s third birthday party (his actual birthday was yesterday).  His birthday party was at the Northwest Recreation Center.  My older godson was very excited about attending the party because he remembered that the Northwest Recreation Center is the “park with the climbing tree”.  He actually climbed the tree several times.  I took a few nice pictures, all of which were vetted and approved by their subject.

Asher climbing a tree

Joey has many more pictures of the party itself, which I am sure he will post in a day or two.

Austin Wildflowers

I’ve paused here and there in the last few days to capture wildflowers and whatnot et cetera as the springtime rolled out.

The equinox is behind us and the pollinators know it.

Big copies at Flickr – See this set via the Flickr slideshow viewer.

Opal sock yarn at Opal Divine’s

Sock with beer flight at Opal Divine'sJoey and I went to Opal Divine’s tonight for dinner.  I decided to try some new beers, so I got a flight of beer, including: Southern Star Blond Bombshell, Thirsty Planet Armadillo Wheat, Circle Brewing Envy Amber, and Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout.  The two Southern Star beers were by far my favorites.  While we waited for our food, I worked on Mom’s socks, for which I am using yarn called Opal Hundertwasser by Zwerger Garn.  Coincidence?  I think not.

10 Year Anniversary

2011 is the tenth year that I have been with my company. I started working as a temp for my current company in January 2001. I was hired on as a full time employee on 09 April 2001. So my official anniversary is in a couple more weeks, but my team celebrated a little early.

My friend Amy made a slide show with pictures of me, and quotes from my colleagues about me. My manager had flowers delivered, 10 irises, one for each year. The iris color is almost the same as my company’s logo color. My team sent a box of cupcakes – they even knew to order yellow cake with chocolate frosting. The cupcake delivery guy took a picture of Joey when he made the delivery!

Employees who reach ten years at my company can shop from a list of service award gifts. I ordered a purse – no big surprise there!

It is odd to think about having been at the company so long, especially when I thought I was just going on a temp job! I have had ten managers, nine desk locations (cube and office), and nine titles over the years. I have had the pleasure of working with some really wonderful people. I met people who started out as colleagues, and have come to be treasured friends. While I am sometimes frustrated with individual situations, overall, I am glad I found my company. I have developed many new skills, traveled the world, and found a career that I had never even imagined existed.